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Artglass is produced by Groglass, a world leading developer and manufacturer of anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass and acrylic for various industries: high-end electronic and static displays, museum showcases, lighting, architecture and other


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Our values

Our colleagues work in an integrated production and management team. This means that we drive seamless and effective business operations. We believe that there is more to our workers than their job descriptions, and we all share an environment where individuals and teams can achieve their full potential

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Go into details

We care about every detail, and precisely assess every issue. We make decisions based on clear evidence, and collaborate with our partners with the same considerations in mind

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Take responsibility

Employee input is just as important as the team's total performance. We are proud of our achievements, but take responsibility for our mistakes and analyse them, to make sure that the first time is also the last time

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Embrace change

We work with high technology, and in order to survive and thrive, we have to make adaptation and innovation our daily mission. Change is an important part of our routine, and we are always looking for ways to progress

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Team up

A manufacturing company is a kind of fine-tuned orchestra. We have attracted world-class specialists that are leaders in their domains. We are considerate, supportive and motivating of each other, and learn through sharing our knowledge


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Groglass takes its technological roots from “Sidrabe” AS, which, from 1962, was the main nanomaterials research center for the Soviet Union

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Groglass is established and we begin designing and developing the coating equipment

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We start making glass invisible and deliver the first glass to the picture framing market

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We expand our product line and grow into the electronic display segment, following with the cold storage market in 2013

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We load our first container of UV 99 products from the chemical factory

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Groglass is the market leader in the EU for industries like picture framing and cold storage


Our roots are embedded in innovative technology, achieved through close cooperation with scientific hubs and laboratories. Our high-performance coatings are developed by leading scientists to achieve extraordinary product quality and maximum durability.

Cooperation for scientific excellence

In an effort to ensure top-quality products manufactured with the most modern technology, our teams collaborate with outstanding universities and research centers. By working with these institutions, Groglass contributes to the scientific body of knowledge while benefiting from rigorous scientific testing.

Investment in innovation

Every year, we seize opportunities to develop new products and enter new markets, responding to the demand in various industries and segments. To stay ahead, Groglass continues to invest in innovative technology and products to bring world-changing glass coating properties to markets everywhere.


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Having a durable and efficient manufacturing business requires having a future-oriented outlook, and we are always hunting for tools to optimize our production processes. We consistently invest in processes that help protect the environment and make a positive contribution to the society around us.

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