Interior Colour Trends – What to Expect from 2023

What is your interior style? That’s a small question, but asking it to your framing customer can be worth a great deal. A frame is an extension of the artwork. It focuses and centers the art in the room. And skillfully framed artwork can elevate the whole interior.

One of the greatest added values of a custom framer is the option of choice. The range of textures, colours, and glass opens all possibilities. It also provides the chance to create intriguing designs that fit into modern aesthetics. Artglass anti-reflective glass can make any colour pop, but which hues and combinations are especially popular right now?

What colours are popping? 

Colours play a big role in interior design and wall decor. Colour can also be one of the hardest choices to make when choosing a custom design. That’s why it is important to inquire your customer about the aesthetics and sentiments that they want to incorporate in their home.

Warm colours and dark natural hues are emerging as delightful choices for decor and accent walls. Pale and nuanced neutral tones have been bringing a peaceful and calm energy to modern interiors. Even dark brown interiors are showing up in modern interiors, infused with elegant nuance and texture.

Knowing what’s trending can help connect your designs with the customer’s expectations. Here is a list of colours that the leading consumer trend forecaster WGSN has highlighted as especially popular with consumers right now. From pale natural hues to bright energizing colours, these trends represent an array of tastes and moods.

Pale tints

Barely-there tints and light washes of colour have a cross-generational appeal, including the ‘Colour of the Year’ –  digital lavender. 

How to use it? 

  • Explore engaging light pastel colour gradients 
  • Elevate the dreamy aesthetic with anti-reflective glass 
  • Focus on creating a sense of calm and relaxation

Nuanced neutrals

A timeless aesthetic of pale colours that are refined, yet comfortable for their versatility and calmness. 

How to use it? 

  • Use warm tonalities of white for a more peaceful and elevated look
  • Play with textures and different materials to create interest 
  • Combine with other light natural hues

Sun-baked pigments

Pale pink hues, desert sand and clay hues are all emerging as the new neutrals of modern furnishing. 

How to use it? 

  • Try using pale pinks as a neutral colour base
  • Incorporate sun-baked hues for desert-inspired designs 
  • Create contrasts by combining shiny and matte elements

Amber glow

Saturated yellows and oranges bring energy and uplift to interior spaces and trend well on social media.

How to use it? 

  • Be brave, yet mindful of the balance when incorporating these “spiced” hues
  • Test pairing amber with rust, burnt orange, and other sun-inspired warm hues 
  • Use amber glow to enhance decorative frames and wall decor

Enriched browns

When thoughtfully used, these earthy tones create warm and inviting environments 

How to use it? 

  • Choose the most suitable hue of brown for your customer’s home design 
  • Test the difference between cocoa, dark oak, and sepia browns to spot the right balance
  • Experiment with different textures in your matboard and moulding choices 

Nourishing greens

Another natural hue in the mix of colour trends is forest green – with all its textures and undertones. 

How to use it? 

  • Use these earthy tones for simple and timeless designs
  • Layer shades of green to add interest to your frames
  • Use anti-reflective glass to enhance the greens and other dark hues in the artwork. 

Oceanic blues

Lively blue tones are expected to fill various interior categories, from textiles furniture to decor and tableware. Picture frames need to keep up with these modern interiors and their aquatic energy. 

How to use it? 

  • Play with the interior’s tonalities to build on different dimensions of blue. 
  • Try combinations of ocean blues and white or black
  • Experiment with combining ocean blue with copper hues.

Deep Burgundy

Another trendy colour that’s inspiring sophisticated and bold interiors on social media and beyond.  

How to use it? 

  • Use dark reds to infuse decorative frames with a sense of luxury
  • Experiment with the burgundy aesthetic – ranging from dark berry tones to deep purples. 
  • Don’t be afraid to move along the palette –  not everything needs to be the same colour

Textured black

Black is continuing to be a key colour in interiors, in all its shapes, forms, and shades. 

How to use it? 

  • Have several options of different blacks ready for your customers 
  • Provide various textures of black materials (mat boards, mouldings and other)
  • Always aim for pairing dark artwork and black matboards with Artglass anti-reflective glass for maximum impact and detail


These mood-boosting colours are not going everywhere, bringing playfulness and energy to modern interiors. 

How to use it? 

  • Be bold and use bold colours as an expression of the interior’s personality
  • Experiment with layering vibrant colours for maximum effect
  • Finish the frame with Artglass to avoid visual overload from reflections

All of these popping colour trends can provide a new perspective on frame designs that feel too plain or bland. To find more interior inspiration, just try researching #burgundy, #brownaesthetic or any other of these trends on social media. Your ability to incorporate different colours and textures will highlight the value of your skill and materials.

Most importantly, remember to always ask questions to your framing customer. Ask about their artwork, its importance, the desired mood of the interior and all the other relevant details you can think of. After all, they are about to find out how important picture framing is for their home.

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