Displaying art is an art of its own.
That is why we've created the clearest museum-approved glass so far —

AR 99 Water White

The pros of using pro glass

2 mm
Minimal light
glare output
anti-scratch film
UV protection
Absolute minimum

Join the elite

Times change and the demands of clients only grow. Artglass AR99 Water White helps you keep up with them. Show clients the beauty of the craft by providing outstanding clarity and protection to their artwork. Pin your store on the Artglass map of professional framers and boost your digital presence today.

Best of both worlds

Yes, we finally did it! Artglass AR 99 Water White combines outstanding UV protection, without sacrificing any clarity. Our mind-bending technology will keep your artwork safe from harmful UV rays, while providing first-class transparency at the same time.

So clear, it’s invisible

Artglass’ cutting-edge technology and production power has made it possible for the near complete elimination of unwelcome tinting and shading.

Hassle-free handling

Scoring glass isn’t always easy. To help you avoid scratching your new Artglass during handling, we have added a special film that can be removed after the framing is complete. Less stress, better results!

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to the world

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The Artglass Water White really adds value to the art-piece.
Clients immediately see the gains and it even makes the colours pop.
It’s light, yet the protective layer makes it easy to handle.
A complete value for money product that’s one of a kind.
Raivis Grīvītis / Baltic Frames

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