Restoration of "Green Stripe" by Olga Rozanova

“Green Stripe” (1917) by Olga Rozanova is one of the most iconic works in the Russian avant-garde movement, and it has had its permanent home at Rostov Kremlin since 1920. In its existing state, the work could have been preserved only for a limited amount of time, hence a thorough restoration was carried out in 2020 to preserve this artistic treasure. 

The author of the restoration design was the Russian artist and curator Yuri Avvakumov, and the main concern in the process was the preservation of the artwork. The now-restored work is framed in a modest frame, with the ultimate protection with the Artglass AR 99 Protect laminated glazing. Its shatterproof and UV-absorbing qualities ensure that the restored artwork sustains its condition and can be exhibited for public appreciation for years to come. 

The Russian painter Olga Rozanova was part of Kazimir Malevich’s Supremus group, and an active member of the modern artistic movement. “Green Stripe” was the result of her studies of light and color in art without a subject. The artist’s layered technique achieved a fascinating effect, and was one of the first works to appear as extended beyond the frame. The restored work has returned to its original home, the Rostov Kremlin – now protected from the environment, non-visible light and time.